Red Team Operations


The purpose of a Red Team is to evaluate the effectiveness of a security program, which is achieved by emulating the behaviors and techniques of a potential attacker in the most realistic way possible. At Pwn&Patch we simulate a real attack against the whole organization to detect any potential breach in the taken security measures. Multiple techniques are used for the assessment as physical penetration and social engineering to verify the effectiveness of the organization's prevention, detection, recovery, and response and resilience capabilities.


Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Penetration Testing is a method used to detect vulnerabilities and security loopholes in your network and give you the ability to prevent them from being exhibited by an attacker. The assessment could be performed internally within the organization network or externally over the internet. Our team of experts is here to pinpoint any potential vulnerability and evaluate the weaknesses of the organization’s network.


Web Application Penetration Testing


For several years, no day has passed without having used a web application and this shows the importance of protecting them and making them accessible at any time without any problem. Web applications are the easiest target for attackers since they are public, which can endanger critical information. Pwn&Patch helps you to secure your web applications and eliminate any risk around them.


Mobile Application Penetration Testing

With almost 4 billion active smartphone users worldwide, mobile applications has become a must have for every bussiness. At Pwn&Patch we make sure to be present in every stage of your application developement and perform security audit that includes the study of the application’s logic, a technical analysis, and the analysis of elements that could be extracted (reverse engineering). At the end of the audit you will get a full and comprehensive report with a rundown and a list of the detected vulnerabilities, prioritised by risk. The vulnerabilities will have recommendations for remediation.


Social Engineering simulation


Social engineering is employing the use of deceptive techniques to manipulate individuals into divulging sensitive information.

This technique  access your organization’s vulnerability to a social engineering attack with the potential to breach your network, obtain your intellectual property, or gain physical access to your site.


Threat Intelligence and public exposure analysis

Evaluate the exposition level of the IT services of the company and your employees using our services. Pwn & Patch is continuously analyzing the Dark web for any possible data leak that may impact our clients. Via the Threat intelligence and public exposure analysis you  can discover publicly exposed servers and assets, Enumerate known passwords discovered in leaked databases and Identify potential attack scenario